The secret power of CBD, a lecture by Dyveke Kok

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After a forced six months break, the Medical Cannabis Society is now resuming its social activities. Due to Corona measures still being in place, we can only organize small-scale events in the coming period. We will start with a lecture on a new Dutch CBD handbook that will be offered to small groups on three different Amsterdam locations in September.

These events will give us the opportunity to introduce Dyveke Kok to our larger community. Dyveke Kok is regarded as a CBD-expert in The Netherlands and in Belgium. She is now at her second book on the subject and she will be joining The Tree of Life community of Cannabis professionals, as a product coach and counselor.

In this evening-filling program, Dyveke Kok, author of the book: De Geheime kracht van CBD (The Secret Power of CBD), will emphasize the importance of this special food supplement. Her motivation to share knowledge about the power of CBD, and what it can mean for our health arises from her own personal experience. She will discuss the working mechanism, the endocannabinoid system, the scientifically proven effects, the social importance and the ambiguity of current legislation. Cannabidiol (CBD), the special substance from cannabis that does not cause a high, has proven to be of great value for treating numerous health complaints and has become extremely popular in the Netherlands in the last five years.

CBD has broadened our understanding of cannabis and has revived the debate around (medicinal) cannabis. Apparently, there is much more to this plant than describing it as a drug. It is also partially thanks to CBD that we now have been a greater understanding of “alternative”, integrative medicine. The scientific foundation of an endogenous cannabinoid system justifies its use.

Yet its legal status is still uncertain, CBD-oil being officially illegal in The Netherlands and only tolerated for sale if the product does not contain more than 0,05% THC. In fact, the only lawful use of hemp is for the production of fiber and seeds. Recent European attempts to bring its production under the Novel Food regulations may be put into jeopardy by a recent a view expressed by the European Commission according to which flower derived CBD meets the definition of a narcotic and needs to be classified and regulated as such.

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