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Services for Organizations

Thanks to our experience and our international network of cannabis professionals and scientists , the Medical Cannabis Society can support your company or organization  offering a series of consultancy and project management services.  You can then profit from a reduced fee. The only condition is that you become a partner of the Medical Cannabis Society and commit to supporting our statutory objectives, for example  by contributing to  medical scientific projects and clinical trials, Dutch organizations can deduct their periodical donations to the association from their tax returns. 



supply chain implementation, from seed to medicine

Business development

Start-ups, market research and product development

in company training

Professional Education


Legal, technical and scientific know how

Services for Professionals

The Medical Cannabis Society is an association of professionals and for professionals who commit themselves to support the association’s goals. MCS-professionals either support or take part themselves in MCS-projects. The association commits itself to continuous professional development, while setting the standards,  the code of conduct and the minimum requirements for new cannabis job-profiles.

Given the global character of the cannabis industry, our professional network is not limited to The Netherlands and we will be working together with sister organizations abroad. 


Monthly networking meetings where you meet and exhange ideas with colleagues.

Job coaching and recruitment

a direct line to our network of employers.

Lectures & Seminars

where you can develop your professional skills


thanks to our monthly newsletter always informed about trends and events in the legal cannabis industry

Services for patients

Medicinal cannabis has been proven effective for conditions such as chronic pain, side effects of chemotherapy, and spasticity in multiple sclerosis. Anecdotical evidence and single case studies suggest there is much more therapeutic potential.

It is, therefore, important for patients who experience positive results, but still find it difficult to get a regular prescription to come together in order to  promote cannabis education and medical scientific research, hopefully leading to full registration of cannabis as a medicine.

For this reason we are developing services to help patients and end-users navigate to physicians and treatments, while we keep documenting their experienced effects and contribute to setting up an end-users’ register.

Hands with medical gloves typing on white tablet over laboratory desk. Hemp seeds, marijuana bud, CBD and CBDa oils are on table. Cannabis pharmaceutical healthcare concept.

Product coaching

one on one sessions with our cannabis coaches and referral to healthcare practitioners

educational pages

access to extra original video material

Lectures and social events

Monthly networking meetings and social events where you can meet experts.


Monthly newsletter in which you will read about the latest cananbis news and the upcoming events.

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