our mission

Medical Cannabis Society is a Dutch-based but internationally oriented organization  with the goal to promote scientific research and education on (medicinal) cannabis by developing projects of public interest and offering services that benefit (medicinal) cannabis consumers as well as the legal cannabis industry.

But why an association with such a broad scope? We believe that (medicinal) cannabis consumers and all stakeholders in the legal cannabis industry can unite around a model based on cooperation, co-creation and knowledge sharing rather than competition and exclusivity.

Cannabis medicines and products belong into the category of “personalized medicine”. That’s why it is so important that patients and consumers be actively involved into the development of new products.

Still, a lot needs to be done in order to bridge the gaps between patients’ needs, the national healthcare systems and the international regulatory framework. That is why we believe that a strong consumers’ focused association has the best shot at interacting  with the scientific world and legislators in order to take away all obstacles that prevent medicinal cannabis from being integrated into standard healthcare.

Our Statutory Objectives: 

the new association

The 2020 renewed organization, Tree of Life, Medical Cannabis Society has set ambitious goals, all with a common denominator: give voice to consumers and patients by putting them and their needs at the very center of our product development projects.

Our challenge is develop (medicinal) cannabis products that are inspired to the seven principles of complete cocreation: 

  1. together: by involving all internal and external players, ensuring diversity, stressing open, empathic and equal dialogue;
  2. with end-users:  by conducting market reseacrh, street research, tapping end-users for information, inspiration, development, production evaluation and rewarding them;
  3. ongoing: by involving end-users in founding, finding, forming, fine-tuning and following-up;
  4. productive: by appointing, empowering and supporting a competitive co-creator and keeping the enthusiasm and momentum going;
  5. transparent: by being open about content, process information, roles, promoting, clarity, involvement, trust  and insights;
  6. supported: by installing a multi disciplinary advisory board, communicating regularly, overcoming barriers of creativity, capacity, time, cost and fear;
  7. value-driven: by ensuring relevance, reality, resonance, reaction and delivering value at three levels: end-user, organization, society/planet/environment. 

Medical Cannabis Society