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The MCS Academy aims at providing high quality cannabis educational programs based on science.  

Not only is our goal to educate doctors, pharmacists, health professionals and professionals of the new legal cannabis industry, but we also want to set the standard for (medical) cannabis qualifications in The Netherlands and in the rest of Europe.  

In the last decades The Netherlands, Germany and Italy, have developed a medical cannabis program. In the near future most, European countries are expected to be following on the same path. According to estimates, the European market for medical cannabis is set to become the world’s largest market over the next 5 years. Moreover, The Netherlands has chosen to experiment with the production of legal “recreational” cannabis products and a 4 year trial with a legal cannabis supply chain is moving towards the implementation phase.

While the demand of medical cannabis and legal cannabis products is on the rise, formal educational programs for professionals are not yet in place. The need for extensive and credible education for licensed professionals is quickly becoming a priority.

Our core team is formed by international scientists that share a passion for teaching and have a proven track record of developing medical cannabis educational programs and tools.

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Plant history, Biochemistry, Genomics
by Francesco Tonolo
Leiden University