Luigi Romano

Extraction specialist, GMP and education

Very few in the world of Medical Cannabis possess such a broad range of skills, scientific competences, and international experience as Luigi.

Luigi graduated in 2011 with a master’s degree in Biology from the University of Bari, discussing a thesis on endocannabinoids. In 2013 he obtained a second level research master in Phytotherapy from the University of Siena.

During this master he began working with medicinal cannabis, collaborating with Bedrocan BV, first as a researcher and then as the Italian representative for the Dutch company.

In 2013 he published the first analytical study on concentrated cannabis extracts. This method, also known as the “Romano-Hazekamp method” is now widely used throughout Europe as a standard for Galenic preparations, allowing doctors and pharmacists to use standardized cannabis extracts.

In 2019 he joined the team of Echo Pharmaceuticals, a Dutch company specialized in cannabinoid-based medicines, where he currently works as GMP-process manager focusing on the production of CBD and THC as API’s (Pharmaceutical Active Ingredients)

For the Medical Cannabis Society , Luigi is an invaluable scientific advisor and enthousiastic team member.