Cannabis Policy, Education, Public speaking

Physicist, jack-of-all-trades, Has Cornelissen (1976) has been an advocate for interdisciplinary, science-based drug policy for the past 25 years. He has been involved in various civil society initiatives, such as Legalize!,, the Dutch Drug Policy Foundation, MDHG, and many others. 

Over the years Has Cornelissen has built an extensive network covering scientific institutes, private companies, governmental institutions and NGO’s. Has’ own company, Psychotropica, contributed to several Cannabis educational programs, commissioned, among others, by the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Wageningen University (WUR), Avans Hogeschool, Cannabis Career, Arno Hazekamp’s Masterclass for Medicinal Cannabis and Plantific.

Within the Medical Cannabis Society, Has will help develop and  organize our new educational programs.