Cannabis Genomics

  • Amsterdam

The fundamentals of cannabis genomics

This training (max. 25 participants) is especially suited for professionals who wish to expand their knowledge to the field of cannabis biotechnology:  breeders, growers, biochemists, R&D specialists, business developers and regulators.

The training comprises four in person modules, followed by online assignments to complete between modules.

The modules introduce students to cannabis and cannabinoids through the history and evolution of the plant, and extensively cover today’s central topics in cannabinoids’ biochemistry and genomics. Learning units also highlight scientific research, recently conducted at Leiden University.

Students are encouraged to engage in dialogue with the whole classroom. Assignments will be supervised by the instructor who can answer students’ questions

Learning Objectives:

After passing an online test your certificate will assess that:

  • You master the processes leading to the creation of new cultivars: you can identify their qualities and you are aware of the current issues and pitfalls.
  • You understand cannabinoid biosynthesis, and the role that minor cannabinoids play in medicinal cannabis research.
  • You can evaluate new scientific developments in the field of cannabis genomics.
  • You know how to tackle cannabis biotechnology-related problems and develop new R&D strategies.
10:30 - 13:00

From domestication to modern cultivars

Description: this module is dedicated to: the history of cannabis domestication, the evolution of separate gene pools, and how breeders leveraged on genetic diversity to create the cannabis cultivars that are now available. Up to date datasets on THC, CBD and CBG cultivars will be discussed.

10:30 - 13:00 Amsterdam

Cannabinoids’ biochemistry and biosynthesis

Description: this module provides a review of the studies that contributed to the development of the current biosynthetic model. It will discuss the initial dismissal of minor cannabinoids as degradation products and the new evidence of their medicinal value.

10:30 - 13:00 Amsterdam

Cannabinoids’ genetics and evolution

Description: this module examines the research leading to the discovery of cannabinoid genes, the understanding of their inheritance and evolution. Recent genomic datasets (2012-2020) are discussed, outlining the future of minor cannabinoids’ research.

10:30 - 13:00

Tools and techniques for cannabis breeding

Description: this module covers: breeding strategies for developing minor cannabinoid cultivars, breeding via double haploids, IP protection through sterile triploid cultivars, marker assisted breeding.

Cannabis Genomics

Francesco Tonolo

Cannabis Geneticist and R&D scientist

Cannabis Genomics

Has Cornelissen

Co-organizer and didactic advisor