About us

Our Mission

MCS (Medical Cannabis Society) is a Dutch organization with a multidisciplinary approach and a specific focus on cannabis education, (medical) scientific research and product development. Through our professional members we offer services to both cannabis consumers and other organizations. 

We believe that all stakeholders in the legal cannabis world can find common ground in cooperation, co-creation and knowledge sharing.

If we all agree that cannabis medicine is a form of “personalized medicine”, it is important that patients and consumers do have a central role in the development of new effective and safe medicinal and wellness products.

Moreover, by interacting with the scientific world, with legislators and the legal cannabis industry, a strong consumer-focused association can help bridge the gap between the individual demand for healthcare, the national public health system, the regulatory framework and the challenges of a dynamic international context.

Our Statutory Objectives: 

Our team

All our team members  have a proven track record of expertise in their own field and work together or individually on one or more projects promoted by the association. 

Our Projects

Our platform is a springboard for major projects serving (medicinal) cannabis consumers and requiring a direct involvement of both the legal cannabis industry, research centers and Dutch regulatory bodies. For these projects we endeavor to establish relevant public-private partnerships.